Zillion Vol. 3 (English Dub)

“Zillion” is an animated television series that originated in Japan and was later dubbed into English for international audiences. The third volume of “Zillion” continues the adventures of the White Knights, a group of young heroes who use special guns called “Zillion” to battle the evil Nohza Empire.

In this volume, the White Knights find themselves facing even greater challenges as the Nohza Empire escalates its efforts to conquer their planet. The series follows the team as they embark on daring missions, confront powerful enemies, and uncover the mysteries surrounding the origins of the Zillion guns and the true nature of their world.

Expect action-packed sequences, dramatic twists, and character development as the White Knights struggle to protect their home and defeat the forces of darkness. With its blend of science fiction, adventure, and intrigue, “Zillion” Vol. 3 offers an engaging and thrilling viewing experience for fans of the series.

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