Space Transformer

“Space Transformer” is a Japanese animated television series that aired in 1985. It is also known as “Space Thunder Kids” and “Star Birds” in some regions. The series is notable for its unusual production history and its status as a “mockbuster” or imitation of popular Western franchises like “Transformers” and “Star Wars.”

The plot of “Space Transformer” revolves around a group of heroic robots who pilot transforming spaceships to defend Earth from the evil forces of the Black Star, an empire bent on conquest. The robots, led by their fearless leader Captain Joe, embark on various missions across the galaxy to thwart the plans of the Black Star and protect humanity.

While “Space Transformer” shares similarities with popular Western franchises, it also has its own unique elements and characters. The series features action-packed space battles, colorful animation, and a blend of science fiction and fantasy themes.

Despite its low production values and often criticized quality, “Space Transformer” has gained a cult following over the years, particularly among fans of obscure and campy animation. It remains a curious footnote in the history of animated series, known for its unintentional humor and its status as a “so bad it’s good” classic.

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